Bitcoin Halving News

Bitcoin halving is a process of dividing the number of generated rewards per block in order to maintain the total supply of Bitcoin, which will not exceed 21 million. Block rewards are the main engine of Bitcoin mining and, therefore, the main power behind the operation of the network. Bitcoin halving happens every 210,000 blocks and reduces the reward for 50 percent every time in a geometrical progression. The initial block reward in 2009 was 50 Bitcoins, the current Bitcoin reward is 12.5 coins and the process is expected to end in 2024 with all Bitcoins being issued. The next Bitcoin halving is expected to happen in May 2020 and will decrease the reward to 6.25 coins. Bitcoin halving is a crucial part of Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies, as it is the main algorithm of emission control and a part of what makes Bitcoin successfully maintained without any authority.
비트코인 가격 6개월 최저치 찍자 구글의 비트코인 검색량은 급증
비트코인 시세 급락하자 비트코인 구글 검색 급증
William Suberg
스퀘어 캐시앱은 현재의 매입률이 유지되고 비트코인 가격인상이 없을 경우 반감기 후에는 비트코인 신규 공급량의 16퍼센트를 매입하게 될 전망이다.
캐시앱, 반감기 후 비트코인 신규 공급량의 16% 매입 전망
Adrian Zmudzinski
앤서니 폼플리아노 "채굴 가능한 비트코인 300만 여개 밖에 안 돼"
1,800만 번째 비트코인 채굴 목전에, 남은 건 300만 개뿐!
Adrian Zmudzinski