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A sport is an activity organized with certain rules that are aimed to compare physical or intellectual skills of two or more participants. In terms of Bitcoin in sports, it has become so popular that even sports team or individual sportsmen issue their own cryptocoins or invest into blockchain technology. Some big sport shops allow people buying electronic tickets and sport equipment to use Bitcoin. Besides this, another way of using cryptocurrency and blockchain in sports is through Bitcoin sport betting, which is becoming more and more popular due to its anonymity, security and high speed of payment processes that solve the problem of possibility being banned or frozen on the Bitcoin sports betting sites or of money being stolen.
브루클린 네츠 프로 농구팀의 선수 스펜서 딘위디가 자신의 NBA 계약 연장금 3,400만 달러를 토큰화 할 계획인 것으로 알려졌다.
NBA 농구선수 스펜서 딘위디, 계약 연장금 3,400만 달러 토큰화
Ana Alexandre
휴스턴 로케츠 프로농구팀 단장인 대릴 모리, 최근 비트코인을 더 많이 사들였다고 공개
휴스턴 로케츠 농구팀 단장, 비트코인에 대해 낙관적 견해 드러내
Adrian Zmudzinski