P2P News

Peer-to-peer (P2P) networking is a distributed application architecture built upon the principle of the equality of participants. Commonly, P2P networks do not have dedicated servers and every peer takes a part of the work. P2P systems have been used in many application domains but became popular after the launch of the P2P file sharing system called Napster. Today, P2P networks are known for being platforms for the development of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether and many others. P2P networks have proven themselves as robust, useful and secure, which then led to the establishment of P2P payment systems and to their growth in popularity. Current P2P networks are used in finance, content delivery, peer-to-peer file sharing, copyright infringement, multimedia and distributed search engines for building secure and trusted networks.

호주 기술회사 파워레저가 2019년 12월까지 일본 관동지방에서 블록체인 기반 에너지 시험 거래 개시할 예정
호주 파워레저, 일본 관동지방에서 태양광 에너지 잔여량/거래내역 추적시스템 시험 가동하기로
Helen Partz
암호화폐 거래소 비트멕스가 이용자 계정에 대한 공격이 증가함에 따라 이용자들에게 모범 보안 사례들을 따르고, 2FA 인증을 하도록 권장하고 있다.
비트멕스, 이용자 계정 공격 증가 포착으로 보안 조치 강조해
Max Boddy