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A bond is a security debt giving the owner of which the right to obtain some amount of money or other type of asset from those who originally issued the bond. Also, bonds can offer the right not to get the entire sum but rather some percentage of it. When it comes to Bitcoin and bonds, crowdfunding debts work in a particular way — they enable its holder to receive a percentage from the trading volume or other indicator made by the company which issued the bonds. Bonds can come in different forms, depending on who lends and who borrows. For instance, there are government bonds which are when a state borrows some assets that are then counted as national debt. Besides this, there are other types of bonds depending on the way they have been issued. For example, with those that are based on blockchain, bonds have developed into smart bonds — aka smart contracts.

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한국은행, '블록체인 채권' 시범시스템 개발 나서
한국은행, '블록체인 채권' 시범시스템 개발 나서
방코 산탄데르, 2019년 9월 10일 발행된 블록체인 기반 채권에 대한 조기 상환을 실시
산탄데르, 이더리움 블록체인 이용하여 2000만 달러 채권 상환
Helen Partz