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ATM (automated teller machine) is an electronic device that is used by financial services to provide various operations for their customers. The most commonly used ATM transactions are cash deposits and withdrawals, transferring funds and obtaining account information. Some current ATMs are also capable of performing such operations as selling train and lottery tickets, offering an opportunity for charitable donations and retailing concert tickets. The outburst of the popularity of cryptocurrency has also influenced ATMs and led to the development of cryptocurrency ATMs. The most popular of them is, of course, Bitcoin ATMs that allow people to exchange Bitcoin for cash, but one can also find Litecoin and Ethereum ATMs. However, crypto ATMs are not an ATM in the traditional sense, as it is not connected to a bank account, but to the Bitcoin exchange itself.
독일 BaFin, KKT UG에 비트코인 ATM 기기 영업정지 명령
독일 금융감독기관, 비트코인 ATM 기기 제재 조치
Veronika Rinecker
암호화폐 ATM, 전세계 75개국에 7천대 넘게 설치돼
전세계 설치된 암호화폐 ATM 7,000대 넘어
Benjamin Pirus
비트코인 ATM 기기 업체인 비트스탑이 미국 최대의 쇼핑몰 운영사인 사이먼 몰스와 제휴해 비트코인 ATM 기기를 여러 사업 현장에 설치했다.
비트코인 ATM 기기 업체, 미국 최대의 쇼핑몰 운영사와 제휴해
Adrian Zmudzinski
ATM으로 암호화폐 구입시 세금은 어떻게 되나?...미 국세청 조사 들어가
미 국세청, 비트코인 ATM과 키오스크 조사
Adrian Zmudzinski