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The yuan is the primary unit of the renminbi – the official name of the Chinese currency. Chinese currency itself is also often referred to as yuan. The term “Chinese yuan” is mostly used to refer to renminbi by international finance institutions. Yuan is issued by the People’s Bank of China, which has total control over the currency. Yuan is currently one of the most traded currencies due to internationalization of Chinese businesses and the expansion of Chinese exports. Chinese yuan circulates in Thailand, Pakistan, Mongolia and some other Asian countries. As the Chinese economy grows, the yuan gathers more and more influence on international markets. The price of the yuan had a crucial impact on the cryptocurrency industry as most exchanges were Bitcoin to yuan interactions, operated through China-based crypto exchanges. However, due to the large number of regulations, the Chinese yuan lost most of this impact on Bitcoin after 2017.
디지털 위안화, 투기의 여지도 통화 바스켓 지원도 없을 것
PBoC, “디지털 위안화는 비트코인과 달라”
Joeri Cant
후속 보도
중국의 CBDC 발행이 경제대국으로의 발걸움을 가속화할 수 있을 것인가?
중국의 블록체인 발전 정책, 글로벌 국가들간의 경쟁으로 확산될 것
Shiraz Jagati
스테이블코인 회사 테더, 오프쇼어 중국 위안화 연계 스테이블코인을 발행한다는 계획 발표
테더, 오프쇼어 중국 위안화와 연계된 스테이블코인 발행
Joeri Cant
써클 CEO, 오래 전부터 국가 발행 화폐가 토큰화될 것이라고 주장해왔다며 글로벌 머니 토큰이 일반화되는 상황이 도래할 것이라고 전망
써클 CEO, "법정화폐의 토큰화가 강화되는 추세"
Max Boddy