Euro News

The euro is the official currency for the 19 European countries of the Eurozone, along with another nine countries. The euro is the main competitor of the dollar and it has a leading position of being the one of the major reserve currencies. European banks use euro to raise funds in order to secure their core business. This fact makes the euro a funding currency. In terms of cryptocurrency, the euro is used as frequently as the dollar for conversion into digital currency and vice versa, that can be seen for the most popular requests in the Internet such as Euro to Bitcoin, Satoshi in Euro and so on. Besides that, the euro and blockchain technologies are connected, as many investments into these technologies are made in euro by European investors.

빗사의 암호화폐 직불카드, 프라이버시 중심의 모네로 지원 추가
신생기업 빗사, 직불카드에 XMR 지원 추가
Helen Partz
몰타 소재 암호화폐 거래소 토크노미카, OTC 거래 서비스 개시
암호화폐 거래소 토크노미카, OTC 암호화폐-유로화 환전 서비스 개시
Benjamin Pirus
바이낸스 사용자, 거래소 연동 비자카드로 암호화폐 직접 구매
바이낸스 사용자, 비자카드로 암호화폐 4종 구매
Helen Partz