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Bobby Lee is the co-founder and CEO of BTC China – the first Chinese Bitcoin exchange, headquartered in Shanghai. Before he started BTC China, Bobby Lee worked at IBM, Microsoft, Walmart and other major companies in positions such as CTO, VP and SVP. Bobby Lee is a graduate of Stanford University and has a MSc in computer science. Bobby Lee is also a board member of the BTC Foundation and one of its most influential speakers. Bobby Lee started BTCC in 2011 as a computer and technology firm that aimed to provide a worldwide Bitcoin exchange. Today, BTCC offers a wide variety of services, such as a mining pool, consumer wallets, payment processing and more. BTCC also provides users with digital security of their assets, risk mitigation, credibility and technological advances.
"SegWit2x 비트코인 하드포크 제안을 지지했던 결정 후회한다"
바비 리, 비트코인 SegWit2x 지지 결정 철회
William Suberg
BTCC 공동설립자, "비트코인 2028년까지 50배 오를 것"
"비트코인, 2028년까지 50만 달러 까지 올라 금의 지위 대체할 것"
William Suberg
전 미대선 후보였던 론 폴, 생애 처음으로 비트코인 선물 받아
론 폴 전 미 하원의원, 생애 첫 비트코인 선물 받아
Adrian Zmudzinski
루비니 교수, 자산 토큰화는 석귀시대로 회귀하는 것...비트코인에 미래 없어
"비트코인, 부분적 가치수단이지만 금융혁신 주체는 아니야" 닥터 둠
Marie Huillet