World Economic Forum News

The World Economic Forum or WEF is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and was founded in 1971. The forum is famous for gathering top businesses, governments and scientist and engaging them in the exchange of ideas and looking for solutions to world’s most important problems. The World Economic Forum is held annually in Davos and brings together more than 2,500 representatives into the discussion. The World Economic Forum is also the initiator of the Global Shapers Community, which is a network for successful and ambitious young people to interact with each other and shape new global projects. The World Economic Forum of 2018 was held in Davos from January 23 to 26 and was concentrated on the environment, energy policies, global health, sustainable development goals, artificial intelligence and gender issues.
찰스 호스킨슨, “카르다노가 세계에서 가장 탈중앙화 된 암호화폐 될 것”
찰스 호스킨슨, “카르다노가 가장 탈중앙화 된 암호화폐 될 것”
링크드인 공동 창립자, “블록체인 분야, 성차별 위험 있어”
링크드인 공동 창립자, 블록체인 분야 성차별 경고해
Helen Partz
서클 CEO, “2~3년 내에 토큰화 통한 자산 증권화 가능성 높아”
서클 CEO, “자산 토큰화, 2년 후엔 주류 돼”
Ana Alexandre
WEF의 전문가들, “금융 분야, 기술 혁신 없이는 낙오될 것”
WEF, “혁신 없는 금융 분야는 낙오되고 말 것”
Benjamin Pirus
'확장 가능 하버저 세금계약'의 모든 것
와일드카드, 이더리움 상 프로젝트 통해 멸종위기동물 구조 사업 진행
Dylan Love