Texas News

Texas is a state in the south of the USA. Texas is second in the country in terms of both territory and population. The state is a center for agriculture, oil and gas production, education and finance, so it has a strong economy and Texas’ GDP is usually compared with the GDP of Russia. In terms of Bitcoin in Texas, it is allowed to be used and the state is frequently a location for various cryptocurrency-related projects and conferences, such as the Texas Blockchain Conference. Besides that, the state is the place of origin of the North Texas Blockchain Alliance. which is an organization aimed to provide support for developing blockchain technologies and organization for related events in the North Texas region.
암호화폐 분석가, “비트코인 채굴 탄소 발자국, 뉴질랜드와 맞먹어”
“채굴장비 98%는 거래검증 없이 전력낭비” 주장 제기
Samuel Haig
미 하원 의원들, 리브라를 증권법 관리 하에 두기 위한 법안 상정
페이스북의 리브라를 증권법으로 규제하기 위한 법안 상정
Helen Partz