Morgan Stanley News

Morgan Stanley is an American transnational financial services company founded by Henry Morgan and Harold Stanley in 1935 and headquartered in New York. Morgan Stanley’s banking practices are mostly built upon institutional securities, investment management and wealth management. Morgan Stanley has offices in more than 42 countries and is one of the world’s major financial institutions, with total assets of more than $814 billion. Morgan Stanley’s technology departments are strongly interested in blockchain technology. Morgan Stanley’s blockchain research and development process is covered on their official website. The latest Morgan Stanley’s news on blockchain implementation indicate that the company does not see cryptocurrency and blockchain as being suitable for major banking at this stage of development.
모건 스탠리, 이트레이드 인수... 2008년 이래 최대 인수 건
모건 스탠리, 이트레이드 130억 달러에 인수
Ana Alexandre
전 모건 스탠리 개발자들, 암호화폐 파생상품 거래소 페멕스 출범해
전 모건 스탠리 개발자들, 암호화폐 파생상품 거래소 출범해
Joeri Cant