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Indonesia, or officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a state in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world by population and it is one of the most perspective countries for economic development. In terms of cryptocurrency, Indonesia’s central bank announced that cryptocurrency was illegal in 2017 and, after that, there were meetings conducted with the aim of creating regulations of the cryptocurrency market. Currently, Indonesia’s Bitcoin market is less than one percent of the global cryptocurrency market. There are two Indonesian Bitcoin exchange platforms. However, they sell Bitcoin only at a fixed price. Nevertheless, Indonesian authorities have recently claimed a neutral position about cryptocurrency in Indonesia.
인도네시아 관세청, IBM의 블록체인 플랫폼 트레이드렌즈에 가입
인도네시아 세관, IBM의 블록체인 공급체인 플랫폼에 가입
Samuel Haig
후오비 인도네시아, 루피아/테더 법정통화 게이트웨이 개설 예정
후오비, 인도네시아 법정통화 게이트웨이 출범
Joeri Cant
최근의 보고에 따르면, 등록된 디지털 통화 거래소가 가장 많은 곳은 영국, 미국, 홍콩 및 싱가포르라고 한다.
암호화폐 거래소가 가장 많은 나라는 영국
Ana Alexandre