G20 뉴스

The Group of Twenty, or the G20, is an international forum for the governments and central banks of countries with developed and developing economies. The G20 includes countries from different continents and aims for cooperation and consultation on questions about the international financial system. G20 summits hadn’t been organized until 2008, as its main form of activity had been annual meetings of ministers of finances and central banks’ presidents. In terms of cryptocurrency, G20 members currently are not going to implement rigorous regulatory measures on it. According to their last report on digital currencies, G20 members came to the conclusion that cryptocurrency can play an important role in increasing the efficiency and transparency of the global financial system, so it wouldn’t be good to limit the development of these technologies.

영국의 암호학자이자 악성 공격을 방지하기 위한 해시캐시(Hashcash)라는 작업증명(Proof-of-work) 시스템을 만든 아담 백(Adam Back)은 11일 G20 재무장관 회의에서 블록체인의 금융업계 내 활용 가능성에 대해 언급했다.
英 암호학자 아담 백, G20 재무장관 회의서‘블록체인 긍정론’ 펼쳐
Thomas Simms
G20 재무장관과 중앙은행 총재들이 금융안정위원회 및 기타 규제당국에 암호자산에 대한 다자간 접근 방식을 고려할 것을 요청했다.
G20 경제 지도자들, 글로벌 규제 기관에 암호자산 관련 다자간 대응 방안 제시
Adrian Zmudzinski