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EU cryptocurrency regulations have yet to be unified, but individual institutions like the European Central Bank and the central banks of separate governments have made different statements about the legal status of cryptocurrencies. The European Central Bank’s official position on cryptocurrency is a recommendation not to use them until the establishment of specific cryptocurrency laws for the EU. Cryptocurrencies are a subject of the EU’s anti-money laundering laws, so the EU cryptocurrency exchanges are obliged to identify users and track suspicious transactions. Certain countries in the European Union have their own cryptocurrency regulations. For example, Germany defines a cryptocurrency as a private currency/non-governmental currency. Also, the EU does not provide strict regulations on ICOs and different states have their own ways of handling them.

71%에 달하는 독일 시민들은 페이스북의 리브라 스테이블코인에 회의적이며, 12%만이 호의적이다
대부분의 독일인들은 페이스북의 리브라에 회의적이며 12%만이 호의적
Adrian Zmudzinski
필립 그린(Philip Green)은 유럽중앙은행(ECB)가 비트코인을 준비금으로 추가할 계획이 없다는 발언으로 암호화폐 지지자들의 분노를 촉발시켰다.
EU 중앙 은행, 암호화폐는 정식 통화가 아니므로 준비금으로 추가 안해
William Suberg