CNBC is an American basic cable, satellite and internet channel for news in business sphere. It was initially launched in 1989 and called the Consumer News and Business Channel until 1991. It is headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. An interesting fact that helps describe CBNC is that the audience ratings of the channel have an almost precise correlation with the performance of global stock markets.
Nowadays, CNBC is one of the most popular places to get fresh information about cryptocurrency and related topics. In the latest news on CNBC, there was a forecast of the cost of Bitcoin by the end of the year and its value compared to fiat currencies and precious metals, how and where it is better to use cryptocurrencies, and assurance that sales figure of Bitcoin will absolutely surpass Apple. The greatest response was to a step-by-step guide for buying Ripple live.

미 하원 의원들, 리브라를 증권법 관리 하에 두기 위한 법안 상정
페이스북의 리브라를 증권법으로 규제하기 위한 법안 상정
Helen Partz
"중국 디지털 통화, 빠르면 내년 5월에 출시"
중국 디지털 통화, “6~12개월 안에 ‘분명히’ 출시될 것!”
William Suberg
데이비드 마커스 칼리브라 CEO는 비트코인과 리브라는 전혀 다르다고 말한다.
칼리브라 CEO “비트코인과 리브라는 전혀 달라!”
Helen Partz