Circle News

Circle is a service for making instant money transfers. The Circle startup was launched in 2013 by Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville. The Circle app is a platform that allows users not only to send and receive money, but also stores it as well. In 2015, the Circle company got a BitLicense and started operating as a Bitcoin wallet service to trade with cryptocurrency. The main feature of using Circle is that Bitcoin kept in the wallet is insured, so the in case of money being stolen from the user’s account, all the money will be compensated. For this, Circle keeps the equal amount of cryptocurrency on its account to all the Bitcoin stored on the platform. Currently, the Circle finance company uses blockchain technology for not only crypto transactions, but for traditional transfers as well.
저스틴 선, 암호화폐 거래소 폴로닉스 인수설 보도 부인
트론 CEO, 폴로닉스 인수설에 펄쩍!
Adrian Zmudzinski
코인베이스•크라켄 등 미국의 암호화폐 기업들, 암호화폐 등급위원회 설립키로
코인베이스•크라켄, 암호화폐 등급 시스템 공동 가동하기로
Helen Partz
써클 CEO, 오래 전부터 국가 발행 화폐가 토큰화될 것이라고 주장해왔다며 글로벌 머니 토큰이 일반화되는 상황이 도래할 것이라고 전망
써클 CEO, "법정화폐의 토큰화가 강화되는 추세"
Max Boddy