Volatility News

Volatility is the degree of variation of a trading price over time. In other words, volatility indicates the amount of uncertainty about the size of changes in an asset's value. The higher an asset’s spread of values means the higher volatility of it.
Volatility is a critical characteristic for investors as it shows both their risks and possible gains that comes with purchasing an asset. Cryptocurrency volatility is one of its most peculiar elements. As cryptocurrencies have no central authority and, correspondingly, no controlled emission mechanism, they are highly volatile. There are some other cryptocurrency features that make it volatile, such as having no intrinsic value, prevailing short-term investments and lack of institutional capital. Still, cryptocurrencies volatility is also what attracts a lot of investors and make it possible for the industry to develop so quickly after a lot of money was gathered due to the volatility of Bitcoin.

어떻게 폭락장에서 살아 남을까?...시장 전문가들의 조언
암호화폐 시장 폭락장에서 생존하는 법... 두 전문가들의 조언
시장 뉴스
BTC 미결제거래잔고 급등...BTC 가격 상승 신호탄인가?
비트코인 미결제거래잔고 10억 달러 상회하며 큰 폭의 가격 변동 예고
William Suberg
리플 CEO 브래드 갈링하우스, 암호화폐99%는 사라질 것이라 예측
"현재의 암호화폐 중 1%만 살아남을 것!"
Helen Partz
데이비드 마커스 칼리브라 CEO는 비트코인과 리브라는 전혀 다르다고 말한다.
칼리브라 CEO “비트코인과 리브라는 전혀 달라!”
Helen Partz