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In 2017, president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced the development and issuing of an official Venezuelan cryptocoin — El Petro cryptocurrency — for Venezuelan citizens. According to the president, the Venezuelan digital currency Petro’s meaning for the country is a way to become more financially independent and to resolve all problems in the economy of the republic. El Petro cryptocurrency’s value is supposed to be dependent on Venezuelan reserves of oil, gold and diamonds. However, the technical aspects of issuing such virtual currency remain unknown. Most likely, the concept of the coin is still just in written form without any real implementation. In terms of Bitcoin and other altcoins, they have already become very popular in Venezuela, as its citizens use it to protect themselves against hyperinflation.
마두로 베네수엘라 대통령, "페트로로 운영되는 카지노 개장할 것"
마두로, "암호화폐 페트로 사용하는 카지노 개장할 것"
Andrew Calderaro
베네수엘라정부, 크리스마스 보너스로 800만 명 국민들에게 페트로 반 개씩 줄 것을 공약
크리스마스 선물?: 마두로 정부, 국민 8백만명에게 페트로 반개씩 지급 약속
Ezio Rojas
베네수엘라의 페트로 지원 원유 물량, 당초 계획했던 50억 배럴에서 3,000만 배럴로 대폭 축소
베네수엘라의 페트로 지원 석유 물량, 3,000만 배럴로 대폭 축소
Helen Partz