Norway News

The Kingdom of Norway is a unitary country in the Scandinavian Peninsula and several islands with an area on 385 thousand kilometers and a population of 5.3 million people. Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world in terms of income per capita. It is also high in such indexes as democracy, happiness and education. Most Norwegian exports are based on petroleum, but also include agriculture, heavy machinery and chemical products. Cryptocurrencies are legal in Norway and the taxation system of Norway applies to Bitcoin. Bitcoin profits are a subject of wealth tax and usage of Bitcoin is performed under sales tax regulations. Bitcoin’s definition in Norway is an asset and not any type of money. High technological development and the liberal market of the country made Norway a blockchain startup-welcoming place.
무장 강도를 피해 2층 발코니에서 뛰어내린 네덜란드의 암호화폐 백만장자에 대한 공판이 다음 달 열릴 예정이다.
노르웨이 비트코인 백만 장자, 무장 강도 피해 2층 발코니에서 뛰어내려
Marie Huillet