Market Capitalization News

Market capitalization is the total market value of all issued shares of a company. Market capitalization can be found with the number of all issued shares multiplied by their market cost. In terms of Bitcoin, the market capitalization of cryptocurrency has its own special features compared with the traditional market capitalization definition. Market capitalization of Bitcoin is the total value of all virtual issued money. A rising market cap is an important indicator for future investors because it means that the crypto industry is being developed and that digital money is becoming more and more popular for making transactions. Currently, the largest number belongs to the market capitalization of Bitcoin, as it is the first digital currency to appear and has the most developed infrastructure.

ECB, 비트코인 시총보다 많은 1,350억 달러 유동성 투입 발표
유럽중앙은행, BTC 시총 상회하는 1,350억 달러 유동성 투입 계획
Benjamin Pirus
마켓 업데이트
장 초반 소폭 상승세를 보이던 암호화폐 시장이 횡보세로 접어들고
비트코인 가격 안정 되찾아... 알트코인들 소폭 상승하다 혼조세
Helen Partz