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Joseph Lubin is an entrepreneur, co-founder of Ethereum and the Ethereum Foundation — a nonprofit organization based in Toronto — and founder of ConsenSys, a decentralized applications development company. Joseph Lubin’s involvement in cryptocurrency started in 2014, when Joseph Lubin co-founded Ethereum. In 2015, Joseph Lubin founded ConsenSys. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University. Before his working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, Joseph Lubin had been working as a director and CEO in various technology companies. Joseph Lubin’s net worth is unknown. However, Forbes published him as one of the richest men in the crypto industry.
"메타마스크, 실질적으로는 콘센시스의 지휘받아"
메타마스크 개발자, 컨센시스로부터 충분한 지원 못 받는다고 불평
Helen Partz
컨센시스 설립자 조셉 루빈, 중국의 디지털 화폐가 무허가형 블록체인이기를 희망
이더리움 공동설립자, 중국의 암호화폐와 이더리움과의 호환 원해
Adrian Zmudzinski
이더리움 벤처 프러덕션 스튜디오 컨센시스, 전부터 지분을 보유하던 블록체인 인프라 제공 회사 인퓨라에 대한 100% 지분을 인수한다고 발표
컨센시스, 이더리움 인프라 제공 회사 인퓨라 100% 지분 인수
Helen Partz