Internet of Things News

The internet of things (IOT) is a concept of a network built with connections between many physical deviсes, such as vehicles, houses and other objects, powered by some type of software. The number of IOT-capable devices is increasing and sustainable connections between them can largely accelerate the integration of physical items into the current internet system. The IOT definition of “things” refers to a variety of devices such as heart monitors, live-streaming cameras, biochips and many others. The Internet of things is one of the main fields of study and development process. The Internet of things has a place for the implementation of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to validate data, hastening its transition and making a payment system for transactions within the network. Many experts are concerned about IOT’s security and anonymity problems, as IOT could hold even more private information than the present internet.

앤드리슨 호로위츠, “비트코인이 인플루언서의 이익창출 중심 돼”
2030년경엔 ‘인플루언서 코인’ 등장할 것!
Marie Huillet
4대 회계법인들 중 하나인 KPMG가 호주, 중국, 일본에서 블록체인 기반 추적 플랫폼을 공식 개통
KPMG, 호주, 중국, 일본에서 분산형 원장기술 기반 공급체인 툴 도입
Helen Partz