Basic Attention Token 뉴스

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency designed with the Ethereum technologies as an ERC-20 standard token. The BAT coin was developed as a utility token for the Brave browser’s blockchain network. Basic Attention Token is used within the platform as a payment tool, covering the expenses that websites carry due to the Brave functions of advertisement filtering and data protection. Bith the BAT coin and the Brabe browser were developed by Brendan Eich - a founder of Mozilla project. As a part of the internet browser ecosystem, the token is used as a tool for the enhancement of digital advertising and “attention-based services”. The Basic Attention Token utilizes the work with the user mental engagement to provide efficient information delivery.

브레이브, 일간사용자 수 400만 건 넘고 컨텐츠 발행자 수 50만 상회
블록체인 웹 브라우저 "브레이브" 일간 사용자 수 400만 넘어
Samuel Haig
브레이브 브라우저, “GDPR로 구글 엄중단속 않으면 고소할 것”
브레이브, “GDPR 집행해 구글 엄중 단속해야”
Michael Kapilkov
광고를 보면 토큰을 지급하는 브레이브 브라우저의 일간 실사용자 280만 명을 기록했다
광고보면 토큰 주는 "Brave" 브라우저 인기몰이
Adrian Zmudzinski