Andreas Antonopoulos News

Andreas Antonopoulos is a famous speaker, businessman, podcast host and author of the book “Mastering Bitcoin.” He is also a teaching fellow of Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia. Andreas Antonopoulos’s Bitcoin-related career started in 2012, when he stopped working as a freelancer and started giving speeches at conferences dedicated to cryptocurrency, consulting new startups and writing technical books and articles. All of his work in the Bitcoin sphere was performed free of charge, meaning that he made his living simply from donations. Andreas Antonopoulos net worth is unknown, but in December 2017, the Bitcoin advocate received over 100 Bitcoins from more than a thousand followers of his work after Roger Ver made a post questioning why Antonopoulos hadn’t invested in cryptocurrency earlier.

인투잇, 안토노풀로스에게 암호화폐 언급 중지 요구하며 신용카드 결제 차단
안드레아스 안토노풀로스, 암호화폐 사용했다고 카드결제 정지시킨 인투잇 비난
William Suberg
"구글 양자 컴퓨터, 아직 비트코인에 실질적인 위협 되지 않아"
구글의 양자 컴퓨터, 실용화까지는 아직 요원
Joeri Cant