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Adam Back is a crypto-hacker and cryptographer born in London in 1970 and is currently living in Malta. Adam Back’s hashcash proof-of-work system is used in counterspam technologies and cryptocurrency mining. Adam Back is one of the first people to work on Bitcoin and was contacted by Nakamoto in 2009 to give his thoughts on hashcashes usage in Bitcoin. Adam Back is a founder of the technology company Blockstream, which is one of the main contributors to Bitcoin Core. As Blockstream’s CEO, Adam brought the company into being a leading developer of the Lightning Network, liquid sidechains and other interesting projects. Adam’s contribution to Bitcoin and cryptography development has made him one of the main cryptocurrency experts today. He is actively doing talks on such topics as privacy, scaling and the future development of Bitcoin.

블록스트림(Blockstream)의 CEO인 아담 백(Adam Back)은 비트코인이 2024년 반감기 이전에 역대 최고가인 10만 달러를 넘어설 것이라고 확신하며, 이에 대해 100만 새토시를 걸었다.
블록스트림 CEO 아담 백, 2024년 비트코인 반감기 전에 100,000달러 돌파 예상
Tom Mitchelhill
영국의 암호학자이자 악성 공격을 방지하기 위한 해시캐시(Hashcash)라는 작업증명(Proof-of-work) 시스템을 만든 아담 백(Adam Back)은 11일 G20 재무장관 회의에서 블록체인의 금융업계 내 활용 가능성에 대해 언급했다.
英 암호학자 아담 백, G20 재무장관 회의서‘블록체인 긍정론’ 펼쳐
Thomas Simms