Wall Street News

Wall Street is a street in a lower Manhattan, New York, that houses crucial financial companies, banks and exchanges. The Wall Street stock market is one of the most famous places of trade and includes the NYSE – the world’s largest stock exchange in terms of market capitalization. The significance of Wall Street and its impact is hard to overestimate, as the most influential financial companies from all over the world are gathered there.
More and more, large trading firms are becoming interested in Bitcoin due to the possibility of earning fast money. It is no wonder that the attitude toward cryptocurrency in the financial community has been becoming warmer due to the rise of interest among prestigious trading and investments companies on Wall Street. By 2018, some companies trading on the NYSE have included Bitcoin into their list of assets. Their involvement might help lessen the volatility of digital currencies, which is now one of the main factors that frightens off individual investors.

제미니 암호화폐 거래소 설립자 윙클보스 형제는 최근 TV 인터뷰에서 개인투자자들이 여전히 암호화폐 시장 투자를 통해 높은 수익을 얻고 있다고 주장
윙클보스 형제, "개인투자자들이 비트코인 투자로 막대한 돈을 버는 동안 월스트리트는 낮잠만 자고 있었다"
Marie Huillet