Vietnam News

Vietnam is a socialist country in Southeast Asia with a population of 94.6 million and an area of 331 thousand kilometers. Vietnam has a strong socialist-oriented market economy. Vietnam is considered to be one of the fastest growing economies — in terms of nominal gross domestic product and GDP per capita — since its shift from a command to a mixed economy. It is also an attractive place for foreign investments and is a large agricultural exporter. Vietnam has no Bitcoin trading or holding regulations. Bitcoin in Vietnam is allowed to be used as a good or an asset. Vietnamese Bitcoin exchanges, such as Bitcoin Vietnam and VBTC, are working without any limitations. Also, Vietnam does not restrict Bitcoin mining but made it illegal to use as a means of payment as well as to issue other digital currencies for their usage as a means of payment.
베트남 거주 바이낸스 사용자들, 이제 VND로 주요 암호화폐를 매매할 수 있게 돼
바이낸스 P2P 암호화폐 거래 플랫폼, 베트남 법정통화 거래 지원 개시
Helen Partz