UBS News

UBS is the largest Swiss financial holding that provides various financial services all around the world. The first bank of the holding was founded in 1862 in Winterthur and the main office of UBS bank is currently headquartered in Zurich. UBS experts have different opinions about cryptocurrency and its growing popularity. Some of them think that investments in digital assets can be a good way not only to store money, but also to gain some profit from them, while others call Bitcoin another financial pyramid and warn their clients about using it. However, the corporation is considering using patents for blockchain validation for the UBS online services database, which will not only make maintaining the bank more secure, but also a number of its participants.
투자은행 UBS의 전직 임원 클로드 와엘슬리가 '토크니즈'라는 이름의 디지털 증권 발행 플랫폼을 미국에 설립
전직 UBS 임원이 디지털 증권 보험 플랫폼을 구축
Ana Alexandre