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The Kingdom of Sweden is a Scandinavian country in northern Europe. Sweden has the third-largest area in the European Union and a total population of over 10.1 million. Sweden has one of the highest gross domestic product per capita and is considered to be the seventh richest country in the world. The Swedish economy is built on engineering, telecommunications, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Sweden has a developed IT-sector and is interested in blockchain projects. Sweden has not banned Bitcoin, but established a regulatory framework for it. Swedish Bitcoin regulations view mined Bitcoins as an income from a hobby and has no tax over mining, if it is performed in Sweden by individuals. The Swedish financial supervisory authority is the organ responsible for Bitcoin regulation and requires cryptocurrency services to report Bitcoin trading as a financial service.
스웨덴, BIS의 이노베이션 허브 호스팅 위해 중앙은행법 개정 추진
스웨덴 중앙은행, BIS의 디지털 화폐 이노베이션 허브 유치 추진
Helen Partz
스웨덴, 조만간 CBDC인 이크로나 발행 예정
스웨덴, 중앙은행 디지털화폐인 이크로나 시험 중
Dylan Love
리플의 투자 자회사인 엑스프링이 XRP 지원 하드웨어 지갑 펌웨어를 구축하기 위해 스웨덴의 암호화폐 스타트업인 토우 랩스에 투자했다.
리플의 투자자회사인 엑스프링, XRP 하드웨어 지갑 펌웨어 구축 위해 스웨덴 스타트업에 투자
Ana Alexandre