NEO News

NEO is a Blockchain platform and cryptocurrency created with the idea of establishing a scalable network of decentralized applications. While NEO is very close to Ethereum at its core, there are a few things that could be said only about NEO.  

For example, NEO has an ability to support a lot of common programming languages like Javascript and C++. This is done by using a customized version of Docker called neoVM, which compiles the code into an environment. This is unlike Ethereum with its need for using native programming language to perform smart contracts.

NEO also integrates a lot of other cryptocurrencies into its network, while most of the other platforms are focusing only on their own currency. This unique feature makes NEO suitable to become a global digital system of in a smart economy. Today, some may define NEO as one of the most stable cryptocurrencies on the market with a lot of potential to grow even more in the future.

스위치오와 질리카 제휴로 이더리움 및 EOS 기반 자산 거래 가능해져
NEO 기반 DEX, 질리카와 제휴해 이더리움 및 EOS 자산 추가
Adrian Zmudzinski
바이낸스, 17일부터 NEO/USDT 선물상품 출시
바이낸스, 최고 50배수 차입이 가능한 NEO/USDT 선물상품 출시
Adrian Zmudzinski
보도 자료
블록체인 큐티 유니버스 플레이어(이하 큐티너스)들이 네오 플랫폼에 게임이 공식적으로 통합되는 것을 환영했다
블록체인 큐티 유니버스 '네오 블록체인과 한 배 타게 된 것, 환영'