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MIT, or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a university and research center located in Cambridge, MA, USA. MIT is one of the most prestigious technological educational establishments both in the USA and in the world. MIT is also popular for its innovative activity directed on robotics and artificial intelligence. Also, the university has its own MIT cybersecurity course. In terms of MIT and cryptocurrency, blockchain technology at MIT is being considering as a system of awarding digital diplomas in addition to traditional ones and, besides that, the university has its own standards and certificates for blockchain. Also, the university is origin place of MIT Bitcoin Expo, which is a big conference concerned with using innovative technologies in the financial sphere.
IMF 관료: CBDC에 대한 이해 없는 DLT 도입은 위험
DLT, 글로벌 금융시스템 개선에 도움돼... MIT 비트코인 엑스포
Samuel Haig
MIT 교수, “블록체인은 조작시 수정 불가해 투표에 부적합”
MIT 교수, “블록체인은 투표에 부적합한 기술”
Ana Alexandre
MIT 연구그룹, “암호화폐 분야는 중앙은행 디지털 통화의 시험장”
MIT 연구그룹, “암호화폐는 CBDC 시험장”
Benjamin Pirus