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Media is an essential part of the cryptocurrency industry and its impact on cryptocurrency is hard to overestimate. Bitcoin, in its early stages, was only discussed and promoted on social media platforms. Bitcoin on social media helped to establish initial users and enthusiasts, increasing its coverage in simple conversations and expanding the audience. But the real drivers of Bitcoin’s popularity has been the mainstream media, which detected the growing price of Bitcoin and the development of the cryptocurrency market, thus drawing the attention of the masses to this newly appeared phenomenon. Today, there is a lot of cryptocurrency media that professionally covers all the important events, news and technologies inside the world of blockchain, attracting new audiences and helping various cryptocurrency users stay in touch with the progress of the cryptocurrency industry.

블록체인, 거래확인부터 가짜 뉴스 학인까지 다양한 분야에서의 유망한 증빙기술로 떠오를 것
블록체인, '딥 페이크'와 싸우는 가장 효과적인 무기 될 수도
Dylan Love
영화사 20세기폭스(20th Century Fox)의 전 최고기술책임자 한노 바스(Hanno Basse)가 동종업계인 라이브 플래닛(Live Planet)의 분권형 미디어 솔루션 사업부 회장으로 임명받았다
前 20세기폭스 CTO, 라이브 플래닛의 ‘블록체인 미디어 플랫폼’ 전담 예정
Max Boddy