London News

London is the capital and largest city in Great Britain. It is the third largest by population in Europe, and it is a large financial, tourist, political and cultural center. London is one of the world’s three economic centers, along with New York and Tokyo. Also, London is a global city. In terms of cryptocurrency, the city is attractive for investors and for conducting businesses, as it has supportive policies and relatively law taxes. Besides that, there are a lot of Bitcoin ATMs in London, with exchanges and trading platforms. Local banks have created a special card for operating conveniently with digital currencies. In addition, the authorities are considering the possibility of creating a special London Bitcoin.
영국 소재의 헤지펀드 관리업체인 니켈 에셋 매니지먼트(Nickel Asset Management)가 새로 출범한 암호화폐 투자펀드를 위한 자금 5,000만 달러를 조달했다.
런던 소재 헤지펀드, 5,000만 달러 자금 조달해 새 암호화폐 투자펀드 출범
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