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Localbitcoins is a P2P cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in Finland in 2012. The platform allows for safe and anonymous transactions with Bitcoin directly between only the retailer and the customer without any involvement by the exchange. It is considered that its model makes all operations faster and more convenient. The service works in 224 countries, so a wide range of fiat currencies are available. Besides that, all the operations are possible online and offline by providing a user with the required information about locations of the participating retailers in his region. Localbitcoins fees are quite low compared with other exchanges and are only 1% of any operation made by the seller. To stay secure, it is necessary to investigate all the information about the other party of the transaction. This can be found out from its reputation and number of years its been using the Localbitcoins app.

로컬비트코인, 주간 거래량 3,144 BTC로 2013년 이래 최저치
로컬비트코인 주간 거래량, 7년 중 최저치 기록
Helen Partz
中 비트코인 거래량 2년래 최저수준 머물러
중국의 BTC 거래량, 로컬비트코인에서 2년래 최저 수준으로 떨어져
Helen Partz
비트코인, 볼리바르의 극심한 인플레이션에서 벗어나는 수단으로
베네수엘라/아르헨티나, 비트코인 거래량 신기록
Adrian Zmudzinski
로컬 뉴스
KT가 부산 지역화폐 동백전 운영대행 사업자로 최종 선정됐다.
KT-부산시, 지역 화폐 발행 손잡았다