Kim Dotcom News

Kim Dotcom is a German-Finnish entrepreneur, founder of the large. now-defunct file hosting service Megaupload. Currently, Dotcom owns Mega web-service that was founded a year after the closure of Megaupload. In 2012, Kim Dotcom was arrested on suspicion of extortion, money laundering and mass infringement of copyright, with access to Megaupload being blocked due to the possibility of sharing counterfeit materials. He was released on bail. Currently, Mega is one of the largest online file storage providers that accepts Bitcoin and some other kinds of cryptocurrency as a payment option. Kim Dotcom’s net worth was estimated to be over $200 million in 2012, however, is current net worth is unknown. In 2017, a film based on biographical events called “Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web” was released.
암호화폐 거래소인 비트파이넥스가 IEO 플랫폼을 다시 오픈하고 10월부터 킴 닷컴의 비트코인 연동형 K.IM 토큰을 판매할 것이라고 발표했다.
킴 닷컴, 10월 22일부터 비트파이넥스에서 자체 코인 K.IM 판매
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