Inflation News

Inflation is the excessive increase in the amount of money traded which leads to their devaluation. In terms of inflation in cryptocurrency, it is considered to be impossible because of the limited number of Bitcoin that can be issued, so the only thing that can cause inflation of cryptocurrency is the total absence of demand. Besides that, Bitcoin itself can’t be led to inflation by any person or government, as there are no ways to increase supply that will surpass the fixed amount of issued cryptocoins. According to its increasing popularity and demand, the price of cryptocurrency is only going to get higher. Because of hyperinflation in some developing countries, Bitcoin has become a popular way to secure money against inflation.

비트멕스 리서치, “CBDC는 인플레이션 초래할 수 있어”
비트멕스, “CBDC 발행은 인플레 초래할 수 있어”
Michael Kapilkov
현재의 금융위기, 비트코인 최대의 기회가 될 것... 비트멕스
코로나바이러스 금융위기, 비트코인에 최대의 기회... 비트멕스
Helen Partz
비트코인은 사람들이 원치 않는 거래도 할 수 있는 디지털 자유를 부여한다고 블록스트림의 CSO는 말한다.
비트코인에 적대적인 규제당국은 소외 당할 것!
Helen Partz