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HitBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows trading of over 300 cryptocurrency pairs. The HitBTC exchange was launched in 2013 by Estonian and Israeli specialists and entrepreneurs. More than 40 percent of transactions on the platform are made with Bitcoin (BTC) and there are two interface languages available: English and Chinese. HitBTC has its pros and cons. For instance, service doesn’t require for registration so the account may remain anonymous. However, replenishing an HitBTC account in dollars is possible only after a time-consuming process of verification. There are no HitBTC applications for Android or iOS. Nevertheless, the platform has relatively low fees and strong security properties, which still attract a lot of users.
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HitBTC가 서브 계좌 기능을 방금 자사의 트레이딩 플랫폼에 도입하였습니다.
서브계좌가 이제 HitBTC에 활성화되었습니다.
캐나다인 형제, 2018년 7월 BTC 23개 훔친 혐의로 2년 징역형 받게 돼
HitBTC 사기 피의자들 14만 달러 비트코인 사취혐의로 2년 징역형 받게 돼
William Suberg