Finland News

Finland is a republic located in northern Europe with a population of around five million people. Finland is highly ranked in various human development indexes, economic freedom ratings and has one of the highest gross domestic product per capita in the world. Finland’s economy is built upon the service sector, manufacturing and refining, with largest industries being electronics, machinery and chemical. Finland is also highly developed in information technology and communications. Blockchain is pretty popular in Finland, that’s why the Finnish Tax Authority issued a pack of instructions for virtual currencies’ taxation. The Finland Bitcoin taxation is complex. Bitcoin is treated as a capital gain when transferred to another currency and as a trade when it is used as a payment for goods and services. Bitcoin that has an increased value after it is obtained is also taxable.
핀란드 세관, 압류 후 20배 오른 비트코인 처리 문제로 고민
핀란드 세관, 1500만 유로 상당의 압류 비트코인 처리 문제로 고민
Helen Partz