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Deloitte (DTTL) is an international network of companies which provide consulting and auditing services. It was founded in 1845 in London by a Britain accountant named William Welch Deloitte. Nowadays, the Deloitte consulting company is a part of the “Big Four” largest firms worldwide in this field. The main office is headquartered in Great Britain, but it has its representatives in over 150 countries. The main feature of DTTL is that the company doesn’t deliver its services, they are provided by independent firms which are registered under the laws of the region. Deloitte corporation specializes in services such as audit, taxing, risk management, financial consulting, etc. In 2017, the DTTL companies announced their gains of a record total proceed of $38.8 billion during the financial year.
전세계 기업 경영진 83%가 블록체인을 사업에 도입하지 않으면 시장 경쟁에서 뒤쳐질 것이라 우려했다.
글로벌 기업 경영진 83% "블록체인 안하면 경쟁 뒤진다"
Sora Kim
제미니 암호화폐 거래소, 최고 수준 보안 평가 받아
제미니 암호화폐 거래소, 최고수준의 보안수준 평가 받아
Benjamin Pirus
글로벌 4대 회계법인들 중 하나인 딜로이트의 직원들, 이제 모바일 비트코인 월렛으로 카페테리아 음식 구입할 수 있게 돼
글로벌 4대 회계법인들 중 하나인 딜로이트, 카페테리아에서 직원들이 비트코인으로 음식 구입할 수 있게 해
Adrian Zmudzinski