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The Crypto Valley Association is an independent association established for cryptocurrency and blockchain development with the support of government of Switzerland. The establishment of the Crypto Valley Association in the city of Zug was somewhat predictable, as a large amount of cryptocurrency-based companies are located there. Crypto Valley’s conference on blockchain is one of the main events in the cryptocurrency industry, which gathers many blockchain companies, specialists and interesting speakers. Crypto Valley is also the organizer of the Crypto Valley Blockchain Summit — which holds blockchain competitions and presentations of international political structures — and are the founders of many successful blockchain companies and fintech startups. The latest Crypto Valley Blockchain Summit was held on April 26, 2018 and gathered together the co-founder of the Aragon project, the president of the Tezos Foundation and members of the European Parliament.
블록체인 특구로 지정된 부산시가 물류, 관광, 공공안전, 금융 등 4가지 사업에 집중해 블록체인 사업을 진행중이라고 밝혔다.
부산시, 블록체인 특구 지정 관련 본격 행보 시작
Vivian Kim