Anonymity News

Using digital money such Bitcoin and doing any kind activity with it is considered to be absolutely anonymous. Perhaps, there are some seeds of doubt that will help explain the real level of cryptocurrency anonymity.
Firstly, all transactions are registered immediately in the blockchain public network and its users can see money transactions between accounts. It is a complex task to find a user, because all transactions are unnamed, having only special numbers. However, if somebody knows the numbers of one user it becomes easier to find out the others. In order to promote security, all operations have unique numbers. Secondly, the leak of information is possible during hacking attacks during the mining stage. Thirdly, the use of unverified exchanges might be one of the reasons for stolen information. To avoid this, all users should use proven companies, exchanges and platforms.

2019년도 다크넷 시장의 암호화폐 총 지불액 6억 달러 돌파
다크넷 시장에서 암호화폐 지불액 두 배로 증가
Helen Partz
브라이언 암스트롱, “2020년대에는 프라이버시 코인이 주류”
코인베이스 CEO, “2020년대 주류는 어나운코인”
Adrian Zmudzinski
코모도의 개발자가 버그로 인해 지캐시 IP 주소의 차폐 풀 노드가 노출될 수 있다고 폭로
지캐시 버그가 풀 노드 IP 차폐 주소를 노출할 수도
Adrian Zmudzinski