Cyrus Ip

Cyrus Ip works at OKEx as a research analyst. He provides value-added Bitcoin and altcoin analysis and has produced macro thematic research that bridges the gap between the crypto world and traditional financial markets. Previously, Cyrus worked with Citigroup where he served as an FX Market Analyst with a focus on G10 and EMFX. He was also a long-time financial journalist with solid experience in Hong Kong, China and Canada.

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남아공이 차세대 최고의 암호화폐 시장이 될 것이라는 전망은 어디에서 나오는가? 남아공이 아프리카 최대의 암호화폐 시장으로 각광 받게 된 이유는?
남아공 : 머지않아 암호화폐 거래소 설립 각축장이 될 것
Cyrus Ip