Poland News

Poland is a state in Central Europe. Poland is a former socialist country, so its economy was greatly impacted by the political events of the early 1990s. Since 2004, the country has been a member of the European Union. According to The World Bank, Poland is 24th in the world by nominal GDP. In terms of Bitcoin in Poland, the authorities do not prohibit using digital money, seeing the possible benefits for the country, and now they are in the process of crafting cryptocurrency regulation that will satisfy Polish legislation. Bitcoin mining in Poland is allowed, though it is still under discussion if Bitcoin will either be an official way of payment in Poland or just a digital asset.
비트파이넥스의 8억 5,000만 달러 손실에 연루된 혐의를 받고 있는 크립토 캐피털의 오즈 요세프 임원이 세 건의 범죄 혐의로 기소되었다.
크립토 캐피탈 임원, 세 건의 범죄 혐의로 뉴욕 법원에 기소돼
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