McAfee News

McAfee, Inc is a unit of the Intel Corporation that specializes in security software and is headquartered in California, US. The McAfee founder is John McAfee, who established the company as McAfee Associates in 1987. McAfee Associates was purchased by Intel in 2011. The current McAfee CEO is Chris Young. McAfee Associates was very successful as the first commercial antivirus software developer and made a wide range of security programs for enterprises and businesses. It still claims to be the largest developer of security-related technologies. McAfee malware protection products remains some of the most popular on the market. McAfee’s business also covers such fields as intrusion prevention systems, data validating software, site advising, etc. Throughout the long history of the company, a lot of accusations were made and McAfee had several cases of inefficient work. However, it is still one of the world’s major software developers.
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