Marketing News

Marketing is the activity of studying exchange relationships in order to come out with new schemes of promoting and delivering goods and services for a wide customer base. Sometimes, marketing is referred to as the process of promotion, selling and delivering itself. The importance of marketing is hard to overestimate. Today, with most countries having competitive and free markets, a major part of a company’s success is dependent on a well-made marketing program. Even for highly specialized companies like, for example, platforms that are developing cryptocurrency, marketing is a crucial part of business. As every important practice, marketing is constantly developing and opens new space for the implementation of technology. There are ways of using blockchain for marketing. For example, blockchain may become a method of validating a user’s clicks on certain advertisements without the need of a third party’s involvement.

암호화폐 회사와 인플루언서들이 영국의 광고 법규를 준수하기 위해 암호화폐 관련 밈에 고지문을 첨부해야 할 수도 있다는 새로운 지침안이 영국 금융 감독 기관에서 제안되었다.
영국 감독기관, "암호화폐 관련 밈은 금융 홍보로 간주될 수 있다"
Jesse Coghlan
로컬 뉴스
블록체인 프로젝트 스핀프로토콜, 유명 뷰티-패션 인플루언서 영입
셀럽 마케팅에도 블록체인 기술 녹아든다