Cold Storage News

Cold storage is a way of storing digital assets without a connection to the internet. Cold storage wallets are protected from unauthorized access, hacks and many other vulnerabilities of internet-connected wallets. Cold storages are widely applied in the cryptocurrency industry. In its most basic form, cold storage can be a paper wallet that has a private key and an address of the digital wallet printed onto a piece of paper. Arguably, the most popular Bitcoin cold storages are hardware wallets like USB drives and smart cards. Bitcoin cold storage wallets are often used by Bitcoin investors with a lot of wealth because of its security advantages. BTC cold storages are a necessity because of the fact that cryptocurrency frauds and hacks of exchange platforms are not compensated by most governments or banks, and the loss of an asset can become irrecoverable.

하드웨어 지갑 제조업체인 레저가 자사의 암호화폐 관리 소프트웨어인 레저 라이브(Ledger Live)가  Ethereum기반의 (ETH) ERC-20 토큰을 지원한다고 발표했다.
레저 라이브 1,250개 이상의 ERC-20토큰 지원
Adrian Zmudzinski