Christine Lagarde News

Christine Lagarde is a French lawyer and politician. Christine Lagarde has held various positions in the French government, including being the Minister of Economic Affairs, Finance and Employment and more. The most famous position of Christine Lagarde is International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director — a position that she holds to this day. Christine Lagarde’s age is 62, and she has been awarded with the Order of Legion d'Honneur and Order of Mérite Agricole for her accomplishments in French policy. She was also frequently called one of the most influential women and one of the best Minister of Finance in the Eurozone. Christine Lagarde’s Bitcoin views are positive. She has stated that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could improve financial markets, in terms of the speed and security of transactions.
차기 유럽중앙은행 총재로 내정된 크리스틴 라가르드 IMF총재가 중앙은행과 규제당국은 소비자들을 보호해야 하지만 기술혁신에도 개방적이어야 한다고 말했다.
크리스틴 라가르드 IMF 총재: 우리는 암호화폐에 열려 있어야
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