Bitso News

Bitso is Mexican cryptocurrency exchange that offers a platform for trading of BTC, ETH and other altcoins with the Mexican peso and vice versa. The Bitso exchange was founded by Ben Peters, Daniel Vogel and Pablo Gonzalez in 2014. For deposits and withdrawals, Bitso uses the Ripple payment gateway. Besides the desktop version, the platform also offers a Bitso app for the buying, selling, sending and receiving of cryptocurrency via mobile devices. Bitso and Bitcoin are very popular among Mexican citizens, as the Mexican peso’s price has reduced dramatically relatively to the U.S. dollar. Besides this, more than half of the Mexican population do not have bank accounts, so platforms like this help them keep money away from volatility with low Bitso fees.
리플과 코인베이스가 멕시코 최초의 암호화폐 거래소에 대한 미공개 금액 투자를 통해 브라질과 아르헨티나로의 사업확장을 지원한다.
리플, 코인베이스와 함께 멕시코 최대의 암호화폐 거래소인 비트소에 투자해
Helen Partz