Baidu News

Baidu is Chinese company that specializes in web services. The main service of Baidu is their search engine, which bears the same name and is currently the leader among Chinese search engines. The Baidu search engine covers about 1.5 percent of all markets of search engines’ services. The company was founded by Robin Li, who is the chairman and CEO, and Eric Xu and is headquartered in Beijing, China. Currently, Baidu has over two billion active users worldwide. Baidu’s advertising system is quite similar to that of Google Adwords or Adsense, although it has its own special features. In 2013, it was announced that Baidu began cooperation with Bitcoin. However, Chinese authorities prohibited any means of using cryptocurrency within Chinese territory. Nevertheless, this mandate didn’t stop Baidu from investing in prospective international projects related to the crypto sphere.
바이두 엔지니어, 회사 서버에서 모네로 채굴하다가 3년형 받아
바이두 직원, 회사 서버에서 모네로 암호화폐 채굴하다가 적발돼
Jack Martin
中 비트코인 거래량 2년래 최저수준 머물러
중국의 BTC 거래량, 로컬비트코인에서 2년래 최저 수준으로 떨어져
Helen Partz