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The Federal Republic of Austria is a country in central Europe with 88,000 square kilometers of area and a population of around nine million people. Austria has a developed, highly-industrialized economy that provides itself with one of the highest GDPs per capita. The main industries in Austria are construction, machinery, agriculture and wood products. Austria had the largest industry companies nationalized until the 1980s, when privatization started to reduce state holdings. Bitcoin is legal in Austria. However, Austria has issued Bitcoin taxes, despite not considering it to be a currency. For the rest of the industry, Austrian blockchain-related businesses are free to operate. Austria has Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin exchanges and cryptocurrency startups. The high personal income and level of education make Austria a welcoming place for blockchain startups.

니그마 콘세일과 AIT, 협업 통해 블록체인 포렌식 플랫폼 개발
가상화폐 범죄 감시용 블록체인 포렌식 툴 개발
Andrey Shevchenko
ING에서 실시한 온라인 설문에 의하면 오스트리아인들은 암호화폐에 대해 대부분 회의적이다.
ING 설문조사: 오스트리아인들은 대부분 비트코인 및 암호화폐에 회의적
Jack Martin